Garrett Hartcliff

Aristocrat Pistoleer


Updated to 25 xp
h3. Stats:

Phy 7 Spd 6 Str 4
Agi 4 Prw 4 Poi 5
Int 5 Arc / Per 4

Derived Stats

Willpower 12
DEF 13
ARM 14
Init 16
Command Range 6


Gun (2x 5-shooters, une quick reload 1 balle, feat point pour tirer de chaque gun, si pas bouger et pas de quick, aim ajoute 2 au RAT)
RAT 8 (9 si dans le CMD de Mat)
DAM: 11 (12 si dans le CMD de Mat)

MAT 5 (6 si dans CMD de Mat)
DAM 7 (8 si dans CMD de Mat)


Intellectual Archetype:
Allies in command range gain +1 Attack and +1 Damage (stack avec celui de Mat vu notre adventuring company)
Genius : Int roll are Boosted
Battlefield Coordinator: while in command range, allies do not suffer the firing in melee penalty, no chance to hit friendlies on a miss

Aristocrat Abilities:
sw-Appraise: can judge the values of most fine goods with an inspection. Truly good fakes might require a Detection + Int
s-Good Breeding: re-roll failed etiquette once
s-Privilege: +2 au social skill when dealing with those beneath who recognize his status and
respect the nobility. Immune to persecution to petty crime, judge by a court of peers.

Pistoleer Abilities
Dodger: when missed by attack, advance up to 2" (unless missed attack was during move). Cannot be targeted by free strike during this movement.
s-Fast Draw: +2 init, additional quick during first turn to draw weapon
s-Gunfighter: pas le -4 quand en melee range
s-Return Fire: if missed by ranged, make a free ranged attack
Targeteer: on hit with ranged, decide which spiral / grid
Two Weapon Fighting: additional attack for of-hand weapon at -2


-Military : Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 2
-Occupational: Command 1, Detection 1, Etiquette 2, Intimidation 1x, Sneak , Negotiation 2, Lore (Undead) 1, Craft(Gunsmithing) 1, Interrogation 1


Nobility: nobility of Cygnar, access to hall of power, learn secrets of great families, truths behind politics, or gain access to most powerful man. Cost include return favor, be on best behavior

Wanted Upgrades

Archetype Benefit:
Feat: Unconventional Warfare : 1 feat point pour utiliser l’environment pour un effet supplĂ©mentaire (boost rolls, status, etc)

Abilities :
Natural Leader: Command Range + 2"
Chain Attack: Pin Down (req Two Weapon Fighting, Pistol 3): on hit by 2 pistol, additional ranged attack ignoring “????”. ON hit, no damage, target hit can avance up to 2" and is then knocked down.
Fast Reload: extra action for reloading

Pistol (quand on sera rendu au prochain tier)
Craft (Gunsmithing) pour faire du ammo, et p-e des non-mechanika guns, pendant du downtime…

Law: (Equivalent d’un Lore “Law”)
Oratory (Negotiation pour crowd)
Deception (Bluff)


Garrett Hartcliff

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